Regulated Health Professions Act

Here is a link to the Regulated Health Professions Act for those who want to review it in more detail. 

RHPA Newsletter (updated Oct 31 2017)

The purpose of this newsletter is to inform and educate Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners about a change to our provincial legislation that will have a significant impact on ARNPEI and our membership. The Registered Nurses Act (RNA) will be repealed this Fall (2017) and replaced with the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA), The current mandate and objects of ARNPEI (as identified in the RN Act) can likely continue under the new legislation, with minor changes.  Please read the complete RHPA Newsletter document.


CNA Certification Brochure and Infographic 2017

CNA Certification Brochure and Infographic 2017 launched September 27 2017.

Please share with your collegaues.

ARNPEI Strategic Plan Vision Mission Goals 2017-2020

ARNPEI Strategic Plan Vision Mission Goals 2017-2020

ARNPEI's current Strategic Plan was approved by Council at the Feb 27th 2017 board meeting.

Please click here to view the document.

Diabetes Canada 2018 Guideline

Diabetes Canada is excited to announce that the Diabetes Canada 2018 Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Prevention and Management of Diabetes in Canada (Guidelines) is now available online.

You can access the new Guidelines on the Diabetes Canada Guidelines website.  Make sure to download the FREE App (for iPhone and Android users) for quick access from your smart phone or tablet!See the 2018 Guidelines for the latest evidence and some key changes, including the addition of a new Diabetes and Driving chapter, new recommendations for cardiovascular risk reduction, and, in each chapter, new key messages for people living with diabetes (written in plain language).


Diabetes Canada’s Guidelines are designed to help with clinical decision making and to support health-care providers in their care for people living with diabetes. Using the Guidelines in practice can improve the care and quality of life of the diverse Canadian population living with diabetes, including children and adolescents, women of childbearing age or pregnant, older people, and high-risk socio-cultural groups.

Take some time to check out the Guidelines and stay tuned for upcoming information about webinars and professional development opportunities.If you become a professional member of Diabetes Canada, you will receive a free copy of the Guidelines. Learn more here.Thank you very much for your consideration and, support to help expand awareness and use of the Guidelines. We would be pleased to respond to questions and ideas that you have at any time, please email us


Thank you,



Diabetes Canada


Record of Continuing Education form for 2018 only. For the 2019 registration year you will be required to complete all of the continuing competency program online.