Updated information on MAID July 7 2016 from CNPS.

What is the difference between “physician-assisted death” and “medical assistance in dying”?

The term used in the Carter v. Canada decision is “physician-assisted death”. However, recognizing that this process involves the entire health care team, legislators revised the term to “medical assistance in dying” in Bill C-14 to be more inclusive and reflective of actual practice. Now that Bill C-14 has become law, the revised language of MAID is in effect and reflects the participation of the entire health care team in this process.

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Did you know the ARNPEI Registered Nurses act (December 2015) helps members understand what professional misconduct is?
Check out what section 1-(t) has to say.
(ii) engaging in the practice of a registered nurse or a nurse practitioner while impaired or incapacitated


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Welcome to the Association of Registered Nurses of Prince Edward Island (ARNPEI) website. The ARNPEI is the professional organization and regulatory body for registered nurses in Prince Edward Island.

In accordance with the Registered Nurses Act, anyone wishing to practice as a "registered nurse" in Prince Edward Island must be a member of the Association.  Founded in 1922, ARNPEI is the largest group of health professionals in the province with approximately 1750 members.

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Registration and current licensure as a registered nurse is mandatory in order to practice as a registered nurse in Prince Edward Island. Read more ...

Registration must be renewed annually for Registered Nurses and Registered Nurse Practitioners.

Practising nursing without a valid license is illegal and constitutes an infringement of the Nurses Act.


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