Regulating Registered Nurses in the Public Interest Since 1922

The Association of Registered Nurses of Prince Edward Island (ARNPEI) is the regulatory body and professional association  for all 1700 registered nurses and nurse practitioners in the province. Since 1922, ARNPEI has been granted the authority through the Registered Nurses Act to regulate the profession and to advocate for healthy public policy in the public interest.

ARNPEI Spotlight

 Meet Mary Catherine Connolly, Nurse Practitioner

            My first exposure to the Nurse Practitioner role was in my fourth year of the UPEI nursing program. I had a wonderful opportunity to have a clinical placement with Janet Loo, a Nurse Practitioner working in Hunter River, PEI at the time. I was so impressed by the quality of care that Janet provided; I knew it was a role that I was interested in pursuing in the future.  Read more about Mary Catherine.