Ebola Virus Disease


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Ebola Virus Disease

Information from Canadian Nurses Association  updated Oct 20  2014 @1012

CNA update for members October 21 2014
Oct 21st 2014 update

The Canadian Nurses Association Meeting with the Public Health Agency of Canada

October 20th the PHAC agency convened a meeting with stakeholders:
• Approximately 50 people attended in person or via teleconference.
• Included groups such as CNA, CFNU, CMA, CFPC, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Canadian Assoc...iation of Emergency Physicians, Canadian Pharmacists Association, CUPE, a number of the PT Medical Health Officers etc.
• The purpose of the meeting was to provide an updates
• Presentations were made by Dr. Greg Taylor, MHO and Dr. Teresa Tam.
• CNA will provide feedback on a document providing guidance to health care settings and would be of great assistance to all parties for planning and preparation uses. It is not available to be shared at this time. Stay tuned.
• Comments and concerns raised by the participants:◦ CFNU tabled their policy directive on Emergency Preparedness for the Ebola Virus Disease. This document is up on their website and forms the direction that they will be providing to their members.
◦ Emergency physicians highlighted the challenges of providing isolation capability in many settings and that this coupled with the onset of the flu season with people presenting to ERs, could be a significant challenge. It was further noted that as the early symptoms of flu and ebola are similar that ER management is a paramount issue.
◦ The need to provide information and support to providers in the community: nurses, physicians, paramedics, pharmacists was also identified as an urgent need.
◦ CNA reinforced the need for clear communication to all providers on the signs and symptoms, how to treat patient, how to protect themselves and where to get assistance.
◦ Many participants commented on the challenges of different, variable messages throughout different groups, partners, etc. and recommended that standard, clear messaging is essential going forward.

• Next steps:◦ Participants will provide feedback on the document mentioned above.
◦ PHAC will establish a central source for groups and providers to forward their questions and concerns.

Infection Control Practitioner
CNA will be working through their specialty network to identify Infection Control Practitioners who can be available to assist us with our planning and/or who can contribute as experts for media requests, consultations etc.

All health professionals need to recognize the signs of Ebola and other similar diseases that can cause viral hemorrhagic fevers. Symptoms should be reported to the appropriate authorities to ensure prompt investigation.

The CNA webpage will be updated regualrly at this link


For more information, see the following:

Public Health Agency of Canada click here

Infection Prevention and Control Canada click here

CNA’s position statement, Emergency Preparedness and Response

International Council of Nurses’ position statement and ICN Framework of Disaster Nursing Competencies (report),

College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia Core Competencies for Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners in an Emergency/Disaster (position statement),and the CNA review of lessons learned from H1N1 and SARS




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