Christmas greetings to ARNPEI members from ARNPEI President Nancy MacFayden.

Christmas Greetings
As I prepare for the holiday season I start to reflect on all of the Christmas and New Years’ holidays nurses have spent giving care to people in hospitals, clinics, long term care sites, mental health locations and many other places. I think of all of the nurses and other workers who must spend time away from their own loved ones to look after the loved ones of others. I appreciate so much the sacrifices that are made by nurses all the time but I am especially appreciative at this time of year.
It takes a lot of energy to care. During the holiday season our energy can become very low because of all of the demands and events that are scheduled. As nurses we tend to “do for” everyone around us and neglect self-care. I encourage each and every one of you to concentrate on the things that give you the most joy and take time to renew your spirit. If you must work on Christmas Day try to remember how vulnerable the people are who have no choice to be anywhere but where they are and depend on you for their comfort.
Remember that nobody said that nursing was easy – just “worth it”. Know that I as well as, ARNPEI staff and ARNPEI council recognize the hard work and excellent care that you give all year round and wish you and yours a wonderful, joyful holiday that will re-energize you and surround you with love and happiness.
Nancy MacFayden



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